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Governor General Ruffian Rugged


If you talk about "Ruffian Rugged" and some people will step up and ask you "Governor?"... don´t hesitate to say "Yes!". Cuz they´ll refering to the legend of "Governor General Ruffian Rugged".
The austrian artist Felix Schager who started "Rap Music" 1996 at the age of seven, made his name in the austrian rapgame a long time ago under his synonym "Def Ill" with over 15 releases and hundreds of shows. During his puverty he developed a crush on Dancehall/Ragga, Dub & Reggae through the smoke and initiated his Soundsystem "Fireclath Sound". That was the moment when his alter ego "Jr. Rugged" was born. The only one of his multiple personalities, which stayed for almost two decades in the life of the artist.
During several years his name transformed from "Jr Rugged/Jah Rugged/Ras Rugged" over "Governor General Rugged" to "Ruffian Rugged", after he made his name in the austrian Dancehall-Scene. Governor General refers to his militant behaviour and his mix between political concious lyrics & "Bad Man-Style". Fans know him from the first word on a song through his (in the meanwhile) well known signature "Governor... Order... Line-Up... Riot!".  
In 2009 he released his first english CD with Biga*Ranx from France under the crew-name "Mus Bus" and made a lot of shows together with him & his good friend Kinetical. Ruffian always continued his work with Kinetical & Biga*Ranx, also as Producer.
He gained a lot of international respond & over millions of views through his "Def Ill One Take Shows" (ft. G-Mac, Biga*Ranx, Kinetical & ...),  "7AM Cypher" (ft. General Levy & Kinetical) and his Collaborations with the french producers "L´entourloop".

Nothing describes Ruffian Rugged´s unique way of delievery more than his Debut Album "Planet Purge" (2018). He spits his words in a rapidly fast stakkato machine-gun flow in his self-titled "AUSTRIAN PATWA" (in a ironical self-mocking way), somewhere between "jamaican creole" (an jamaican english accent), US-rap slangwords & UK-Grime Patterns.

In 2019 he got signed to "Brigante Records" from France, shortly after he got listed as one of the "Top 100 fastest Rappers in the world", according to the Youtube-Channel "NahdahVebb". In the meanwhile he broke his record four times between 2018 and 2019. These days he got an astonishing "SPS-Record" with over 17 "Syllables per second".

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