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Fully produced releases

Full releases & singles mixed by Def Ill + C.O.C./Beatzarilla/Fireclath Features

Bella Diablo - Klittape

Jedal Strange - Fakten (feat. Def Ill)

Zionflex - Loyalty (Album)

Zionflex - Loyalty feat. Def Ill (Single)

MDK & Kizmet - ODYSSEE LP - Nachwehen - produced by Def Ill

Steffko - Cake (feat. Kid Pex & Kathi Power)

Mahagoni - Minotaur (Produced by Def Ill / contains a Def Ill Feature)

Snessia - IN:Takt (EP Produced by Def Ill / contains a Def Ill Feature)

Kinetical - Carpaccio (Single/prod. by Ruffian Rugged for Fireclath Sound)

K_Neon feat. Rotten Sensei - I kum I siach (C.O.C.) prod by Def Ill

Rotten Sensei - SHINIGAMI Album (C.O.C.) prod by Def Ill (contains 2 Features by Def Ill/Ruffian Rugged)

Snessia - Deine Tage könnten schöner sein (ft. KS Kopfsache) prod. by Def Ill

Twentch - Twentch EP - produced by Def Ill & N-Daft

Bella Diablo - Smokeahontas EP whole ep produced by Def Ill (C.O.C.)

KS Kopfsache - Forrest Skunk (feat. Kinetical) produced by Fireclath

K_Neon - Mala produced by Def Ill

K_Neon - Da Füm iz reaL produced by Def Ill (K_neon - "Gemma" ft Def Ill)

KS Kopfsache & Mona wonderland - auf der Suche nach nichts - produced by Def Ill

   - "Sie haten..." ft Def Ill & Rotten Sensei

KS Kopfsache - Mixed Media (Digital mini-LP) - Whole Album produced by Def Ill

   - "Mordrake" feat. Def Ill

MARIE - I rise EP (CD) - Whole EP produced by Def Ill

     - "Tryin´" ft Ruffian Rugged (Beatzarilla) 

Misses U - I AM ME LP - Whole Album produced by Def Ill & Misses U (Beatzarilla Records) 

     - "Show a little respect" ft Kinetical

   -  "Got a little love" ft Ruffian Rugged

Rotten Sensei - Folgt mir produced by Def Ill

KS Kopfsache - Unbekannter Interpret (CD) - Whole Album produced by Def Ill

    - "Krieg" ft Kinetical & Def Ill (Cabinet of Curiosities/C.O.C.)

Mahagoni - Fresh aus Instinkt (Digital Album) - Whole Album produced by Def Ill

   - "Fokusiert" ft Def Ill (Cabinet of Curiosities/C.O.C.)

Bella Diablo - Endlich lebendig (Single) - Produced by Def Ill Cabinet of Curiosities/C.O.C.)

Kinetical - Kineticore (Album) - Whole Album produced by Fireclath

   - "2 Bad Mofos" & "Secret of the Pyramids" ft Ruffian Rugged

Fireclath + Flying Squabbit Productions

Dubmatix - War Peace & Dub Ft. Rasta Reuben (Flying Squabbit & Fireclath Remix Dub Version)

Fireclath - Stone (feat. Prince Alla & Swashii)

Fireclath - Corona Killer (feat. Disciple)

Flying Squabbit - Unforgiveable Dub (Soundcloud EP)

Flying Squabbit - Dub of the Dungeon Dragon / Kunta Kinte Dub Remix

DER-Con - Digitaler Nomade EP (ft. Remixes of all songs by Fireclath & Flying Squabbit)

DER-Con - Digitaler Nomade (Flyin Squabbit Remix)

Fireclath - Drakarys (feat. Kinetical)

Biga Ranx – On Time (CD) - "Magic super love" ft Governor General Rugged [MUS BUS] 

- “Sorry for them” & "Interlude ft Ruffian Rugged" Produced by Fireclath (X-Ray)
G-Mac – Breaking Barriers (Whole Album produced by Fireclath /// VP RECORDS)

 - "Blood for Money" ft Kinetical & Ruffian Rugged

Fireclath - Woodyard Riddim (Fireclath Bandcamp feat. Alozade, G-Mac, Ochi Queen, Ranger Locks, Kinetical, Alice Harper, Brother Louis  & Dready C)

Fireclath - Amsterdam Riddim Reloaded (feat. Biga*Ranx, G-Mac, Al Pancho & Jayreel)

Fireclath - Amsterdam Riddim (feat. Jigsy King, Joseph Cotton, King Kong, Zareb, Kinetical & Alice Harper)

Productions/Mix for others

Fate - Goldmund und Narziss feat. Strange (Milch für die Fliegen LP) prod by Def Ill

Dacid Go8lin & Goldie Whuzzup (R.I.P.) - GG Ep (Mixed by Def Ill) 

Dacid Go8lin - Its ur birthday EP (Mixed by Def Ill)

Kayo - Himbeeren (Def Ill Remix at Kayo Soundcloud)

Normbruch - GENUG GEREMIXED LP (Digital) - Whole Album produced by Def Ill

 - "fuckfuckfuckfuck" ft Def Ill

Monobrother - Unguru (LP) - "Brechstangenpass" (Prod. by Def Ill)

Bella Diablo - Killagorilla - "Drumming Noise" ft Def Ill & "Der Schlüssel" (Both produced by Def Ill)

Miss Lead - It´s Teatime EP - "It's Tea Time", "Prisoner of Subconscience", "Yasmo is dead ft. Yasmo" &

    - "Ancient Spirits ft. Ruffian Rugged" produced by Def Ill

Duzzup Vol. 01: Def Ill - crossing the passporterline symphony  (Instrumental compilation)

La´s Finest 12″ – “Lost angels” ft LUCKYIAM (Livin Legends) [produced by def ill]

A-team, Miss lead, Alice Harper, Dirtymoney, Kinetical, Ruffian Rugged aka Def Ill, Remo, T-ser, UnusedWord – Stroboscope

Suwara Compilation LP – “Thoda” (instrumental)

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