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SVN SHOGUNS - Video & ITCH.IO-Game feat. Afu-Ra, Cambatta, Ruste Juxx, Swashii, Laima & Digga

Aktualisiert: 13. Apr.

Save the Rap-Game now!

Def Ill - 7 SHOGUNS ft. Afu-Ra, Cambatta, Ruste Juxx, Swashii, Laima & Digga Mindz - YouTube

8Bit heads & oldschool arcade gamers: ATTENTION!

Play Game (Beta) now: -

on App or Browser (Recommended: Firefox)

Collect those Side-A Test Pressings and make all Shoguns defend their shogunates Stream/Buy Def Ill "Side A" ALBUM here:


Instrumental & 8Bit Theme here:

Raps by Afu-Ra, Cambatta, Def Ill. Swashii, Ruste Juxx, Digga Mindz & Laima (in chronological order!)

Produced by Def Ill / Mixed, mastered, cuts & video by Def Ill

Game Programming by Def Ill with GDevelop

Character design: Def Ill with Gacha Life

Arcade, monitor & game device Pics taken from Unsplash

(credit list will be uploaded asap)

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