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RUFFIAN RUGGED - SPS (BRIGANTE RECORDS 2021) out now on all platforms! New SPS-RECORD!

Video coming this eve round 18:00 (6PM) - BRIGANTE RECORDS (Youtube Channel)!

Song - OUT NOW! - on all platforms!

Stream on Spotify:

Governor General Ruffian Rugged returns with "SPS" - the second single of his upcoming album "Let them eat Brioche" on Brigante Records.

Ruffian Rugged aka Def Ill continues his rapid machine-gun flow tradition by breaking his own SPS-Record from "Ghost in the Shell", "Pai Mei" & "UC10". He´s mixing traditional dancehall & hip hop patterns with midwest chopper-flows & tripletime elements on a heavy Boombap-Beat, produced by himself.

The Tune "SPS" functions as an ode to the the chopper-scene & anthem for SPS-Nerds. SPS-Nerds - describes people who are very obsessed with high-speed rap (chopping/fast chat). The exact "Speed Record" is measured and compared by the amount of "Syllables per second" = SPS. Ruffian, who considers himself as "Chopper", also described these different SPS measurements & techniques on his youtube-channel in the song-tutorial: "how to rap fast".

As his "contest-winner" feature-verse on DJ Lil Sprites "Underground Choppers 10 (UC10)" got him listed as the 12th fastest rapper worldwide (!) with an syllable-amount of: 17 syllables in 1,049 seconds (exactly 16,20 SPS) - in the "150 fastest rappers 2021" Youtube-list (by NahDahVebb) Ruffian claims his way up to the throne in order to reach light speed.

As Token once asked "How many syllables can even win in a second with no content?" - Ruffian tries to give him a answer by holdin his fast-rap title with a medley of his fastest bars from UC10 and his #godzillachallenge - on a higher BPM-Rate - combined with new bars and a lot of puns to the "chopper-scene". The "Producer on the mic" couldn´t resist on collaborating on the Scratches too with his DJ Funky P by using wordcuts by influental Pioneers in terms of flow.

Based on the BDP Classic "The Bridge is over", the intro & hookline references Ruffian´s Idol KRS-One´s classical melody & flow. While the first verse goes off with Ruffian´s UC10 Burst and a (way faster) variation of Eminem´s well known Godzilla-flow, parts of the second verse function as tribute to his mentor & bro R.A. the Rugged Man - and his Speedrap-Hit "R.A. the Rugged Man - Gotta be dope (feat. A-F-R-O)". Ruffian Rugged and A-F-R-O both participated in the definition of a rap flow challenge by R.A. back in 2014, while Afro won. Ruffy took the 3rd place in the competition. Ruffian recites a A-F-R-O line that A-F-R-O recited from a R.A. Classic. Ruffian big ups the Goats and aims at his competition and self-titled choppers by accusing them of "rhymepattern-recycling" from icons, as he ironically recycles his own bars and classics by icons in order to revolutionize the craft behind fast lyricism!

Credit & tributes were given to idols -

fear to competitors -

and fun to people who like to laugh about silly noises.

"Hardcore-bars" meet "chibberish-wordplay" + a bit of mockery against unintelligible "amateure-chopper-rapper", which is funny cuz Ruffian often used to get accused as one :D - we attached the lyrics, see for yourself! "No speaka di english - I only do the math" MF Doom (R.I.P.) -------------------------------------------------------------- Produced & mixed by Ruffian Rugged Scratches by Ruffian Rugged & Funky P Mastered by Olo Artwork: Dizziness Design (Brigante)

Video: Kollapzstudio (kollapzstudio,com)

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