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Ruffian Rugged - Crossroads feat. KINETICAL (animated video)

Exclusive animated video, produced as collaboration between the media-artists Helga Schager & Felix Schager.

Ruffian Rugged remixed the Footage of Helga Schager´s "Als meine Bilder laufen lernten" and matched it with the new album single CROSSROADS featuring Ruffian´s day-one "Partner in Grime" Kinetical.

For this joint, taken off the new Album "Let them eat Brioche", they went back to their oldschool "Reefa Blues Vybz". Heavy Mashup between Hip Hop, Indierock & Blues.

Whole album mastered by legendary french producer Olo from ODG and features a bunch of other great artists including Green Cross, Miss BunPun, INana & Beat Peotry Club, SPLXT & many more.

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