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Rapping reverse, backwords & anagrams

Say Hello to (old) Joyner Flow! Which lyricist should I do next?

First episode of a new video series by Ruffian Rugged aka Def Ill. Ruffian Rugged dedicates tribute-Medleys to different rappers that essentially changed the game with flow patterns & creativity.

On this first „almost ten minute medley“ (I swear I did everything to don’t touch the ten minute mark!) Ruffian hops on Joyner Tunes to merk them, as joyner buzzed his career by hopping on other songs and make them „his shit“, in his words (Bank Account, Mask off, Panda, etc. just to name a few). While Joyner’s „Say Hello to Adele“ became the blueprint for the name of the show, the idea got mixed with another tribute to token‘s „Hi“ series (Hi cole / Hi billie f.E.) This time we start with: Anagrams, Backwords, Reverse Rap and a lot of fast flows. „Might weird, but hell yeah, I did it! Haha“. Back on beast mode we go rampage on original joyner instrumentals, reproductions by ruffian Rugged himself (for the songs where Instrumentals ain’t been available), looped outros and youtube re-fixes. Credits below... Ruffian states further „The medley starts with a tribute to „Backwords“, where joyner rapped a verse forward and backward, by rapping the same words chronologically reversed and still made it make sense. According to my knowledge In the history of Music, this has only been done before in jamaican music by Peter Metro on „Backward Talk“ and Beenie Man on a dancehall riddim later. I always had a fascination for advanced lyricism that integrates poetry-forms into music, that ain’t been there before. „Markante Handlungen“ from my town & "Mista Wisdom/Worst Messiah" inspired me a lot in a early age back then with „spoonerism“, Chip fu (fu-schnickens) did reversed sentences to raise the level very early and a lot of rappers did crazy „alphabet raps“ from papoose to lowkey (later: Afro, Asa and so on) or alliteration flows, with the same letters throughout doubletime sentences as tech n9ne and twista. Also Pharoahe Monch did Palindromes! I decided to mix my collection of anagrams, reverse sentences and backwords to put that poetry shit to the next level. Some stuff might sound like chibberish first, but I invested years to make it cryptic poetic, as Chuck D would defined aesop rocks cryptic lyricism by „rhyming through walls“ and I don’t owe people a direct sense, as lyricist who only listens to cryptic rappers. Now when I first heard joyner he blew my mind on „sriracha“ with a known tripletime pattern done in a rhythmic way never been heard before. Jumanji and the Storytelling stuff from that Ross-song to keep it 100 been no exception.“. Backwords followed by a lot of beat switches and tributes to the unique doubletime flow patterns joyner Lucas created, including „Look what you made me do“, „Ultrasound“, „Winter Blues“, „Litty“, Sidefacts: PS: I’m still mad joyner dissed ras kass in a sideline haha razzy is one of my favs from a very very long long time. goat! PPS: Hi Series by Token been already outdon in a great way by Asa, so I wanted to do "Hi Asa", but DNA Tru Lyricist did "Hi Asa", we ended here! haha PPPS: hush in the comments with the illuminati-chat. No fascism or white supremacy allowed in my comments! Video: Emsikks & Ruffian Rugged Homie: Kinetical Arranged, mixed & mastered by Ruffian Rugged

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