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HOW TO RAP FAST and count SPS right - Ruffian Rugged Tutorial


My new Tutorial "Ruffian Rugged - Brigante Class 1: choppers college"! This time we gonna analyze "How to rap fast + count SPS (Syllables per second)" right + we gonna clear facts & rumours! No hate, straight Facts! #ruffianrugged #countsps

Lessons today:

1) Guiness Measurements ain´t accurate

2) Sumn Stans are messin up the internet information about chopper-rap: Eminem never hold a Guiness Record for "the fastest Rap"

3) Not tryin´ to hate, but in fact there is no video footage that proves that any human beeing ever did 21 sps in a song for real. Sabotahe is the fastest ever proved more than 18 sps and got acknowledged my NAHDAHVEBB and DVAGOH (whom I consider as the most accurate anaylzer of SPS, even though I don´t agree with any measurement, I do agree with over 90%) 4)

I tried to break down the patterns per bpm according to the Formula by "KILLER-AP" Channel and made some "Sidenotes" to prove points where a lot of people startin to get measurements wrong by simply considering a regular "quatriple" or "tripletime" as "Quatrotime" ( f.e. 1) by using the wrong BPM or 2) sneaking a Syllable in BUT loosin it in the end) = look at the FAIL-Parts in my video, pause and read to get fully understanding of why Quatrotime is almost impossible to do 5) Find my recording evidence videos (of my own previous SPS records) at IG: hashtagapokalypse_defill

All infos, releases, news, store @ Spotify: Ruffian Rugged, Def Ill, Fireclath /// IG: hashtagapokalypse_defill /// YT: generalrugged /// FB: Support DEF ILL /// Tiktok: Mrlobot23 Cam: DMS Schwarz / Video & Production by Ruffian Rugged / Brigante Records Exclusive 2021

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