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Fastest Rapper? Ruffian Rugged outdid the previous SPS World Record on "Mocca"

Aktualisiert: 25. Nov. 2022

SURPRISE FOR MY RUFFIAN RUGGED & CHOPPER FANS! Theoretically I just broke/equaled the previous SPS world record on a song (equal to Rebel XD)

Tribute to Shy FX "Original Nuttah", General Levy, Sabotahe, Papa San, Stitchie, Tippa Irie, Twisted Insane, Cruzified, Shad, SPLXT, Dumanoid, DOWN6 & Rebel XD

Making Of "Mocca" - All Recordings for the song with original camsound (acapella)

Studio Evidence, sorry for the cam delays that glitch the frames at rapid movements...

Produced by Ruffian Rugged for Fireclath

Add. Drums, Bass, Keys & Guitar by Fireman Band (Pai Mei Live)

Recorded at SteelSquad Show STWST 2019

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