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DJ Lethal Skillz x "Def Ill vs Ruffian Rugged" in "SQUID GAMEZ"

Def Ill challenges his 2nd personality Ruffian Rugged in "SQUID GAMEZ" over a Banger produced by middle east´s finest one and only - DJ LETHAL SKILLZ -

Out on all platforms - Stream the uncut version EXCLUSIVE ONLY on EMANATE!

DJ Lethal Skillz and Def Ill aka Ruffian Rugged teamed up for a traditional Boombapbanger with a heavy subbassline, Somewhere between battlerap and classical rappresenting - between oldschool and Lo-Fi. Def Ill assisted Skillz on the Co-production, while Skillz assisted Def on the cuthook.

For the 3rd time Def Ill breaks the structure of his personas, by sharing the riddim with this alter ego "Ruffian Rugged", with the concept that each verse serves the other verse as translation. What came out is a BANGER that we´re proud of, that turns whole mixtapes full of diss-takes into squidgames, inspired by the south korean cultshow.

Watch out for our alternative Cover Squid-NFT-Project the next months. Don´t participate in this game, if ya´ll ain´t in it to win it!

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