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Afu-Ra - Showgod Assassin (PROD BY DEF ILL)

Afu-Ra - Showgod Assassin (PROD BY DEF ILL)

I´m very proud to announce that the first single is out of the new Afu-Ra Album "Reincarnation of the Body of the Lifeforce" - A Remake to his classic which will be almost fully produced by Def Ill.

Afu: "We, Afu-ra and def Ill, welcome everyone the bump this a share this tune everywhere. This is the lead single from the project. Many bangers to come. Showgod Assassin is a Golden era boom bap Hip Hop song for the energetic and lyrical Understanding Underground Hip Hop Lovers of all ages. Make peace not war and be a shogun or warrior who fights for what's right and develops self through truth family and Art. You never heard it is murderous Mic style superb with this. Burn with this learn with this."

Watch oooout!

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